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Decelerator Retreat

Decelerator is a retreat experience for those who are inspired by the intersection of transformational learning, engagement, and purposeful living. In an age of acceleration and rapid ideation, we offer a space to slow down, reconnect and dig deep for insights that realign and reenergize us to thrive in creating a better world.

This is a five-day retreat with a three-day option.
5-day Option: June 23 (5:00pm start) – June 28 (5:00pm)
3-day Option: June 23 (5:00pm start) – June 26 (5:00pm)

The Decelerator framework is anchored by Alicia and Dan, while the flavour of each Decelerator is contributed by a guest host. We are so excited to welcome professor Don de Guerre into this inaugural retreat! Having worked together on multiple projects in the last 10 years, the three of us share a passion for continual learning and a blend of theoretical frameworks such as: Appreciative Inquiry, Open System Theory and Design Thinking. Ultimately we want our efforts to improve Human Systems to ignite better health in individuals, organizations and wider systems. Deceleration is a method to achieve insightful choices and action.

• Guest host: Don de Guerre, PhD
• Alicia Pace, MA
• Dan Séguin, MA

Visit www.decelerator.ca

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